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Help Me Help Those Hurt by
Hurricane Harvey

All profits from the sale of A Path of Stones in the month of September
will go to help victims of Harvey in south Texas

A Path of Stones

All profits from the sale of A Path of Stoneduring the month of September will go to the Salvation Army Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort. Whether it is $ 2 or $ 20,000, that is a promise! Help me help those in need in south Texas. Buy the book. Enjoy the story. Put some food in the hands of someone stricken by a terrible natural calamity.

Relief from Hurricane Harvey will be an ongoing project. Most of the donations will arrive in the first few weeks. But one trillion gallons of water takes a long time to disappear. By the time people can return to their homes and businesses to begin cleaning up, and putting their lives back in order, the donations will have slowed. Those good folk still need to eat. They still need hope. They still need to know that someone out there loves them.

I will make the donations as Lulu and Amazon make payments to me. Even if the payments are in November, I will give them. That will help to some small degree in the time when other relief funds have dried up.

Why the Salvation Army?

Most disaster relief agencies launch a campaign at the start of a crisis. Then, they close it and open another elsewhere. Salvation Army operates a campaign all year, until it is no longer needed. Their mobile food trucks are some of the best, and those folk cleaning up in south Texas will need to eat. Furthermore, Salvation Army Commissioner W. Todd Bassett’s annual salary is only a fraction of that of the heads of most charities. That means the vast majority of donations go where they are needed, to help people.

I will continually post the growth of profits to be donated on my Facebook page and blog.

To get involved, order your copy of A Path of Stones today by clicking on the link Books. It is available in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and ePub editions.

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